US Politicians Who Do Not Believe in Climate Change

Congressman John Boehner, Republican of Ohio

John Boehner has greatly criticized issues with climate change. This is after he said that he isn’t qualified to debate on the science over climate change. Despite this, he knew that the given proposals that deal with climate change are meant to hurt the Americans. This is by killing the Americans jobs and economy. He also said that the proposals aren’t the right way to deal with the changes in climate.

Former Congressman Bob Inglis, Republican of South Carolina

The former congressman wasn’t able to make it in the re-election due to the fact that he doesn’t believe in climate change. This after talking to a radio host, where he said that he believed that the climate change is caused by human activities.

Congressman Luke Messer, Republican of Indiana

Luke Messer who has been elected as the Republican policy committee chairman described climate change as a social issue. He wrote that the president has more focus on things that lead to job creation, but hardly talked about his inaugural address, instead chose lecture on several social matters like the threat of the global warming.

Apart from the above US politicians, there are still a number of them who have no belief in climate change. The list also comprises of; Congressman Greg Walden, Republican of Oregon, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Republican of Washington, and Congressman Steve Scalise, Republican of Louisiana among others.