US Politicians Who Do Not Believe in Climate Change

Climate change is very controversial topic in US politics right now. At one hand we have democrats who strongly advocate fighting it. On the other hand we have conservatives who question it and thinking that spending money on scientific programs is a waste of money. Who’s right? We won’t discuss that. That is up to you to decide. We simply list the ones who do not believe in Climate Change.

Senator Jim Inhofe,  Republican of Oklahoma

The senator has been described as the poster boy for the Republican climate change deniers. This is because he is the key Senate committee on environment policy besides his stridency on climate change. In his speech, the senator has referred to climate change as the greatest hoax ever, which perpetrates on the people of America. He has also said that no human, but only God who has control over the weather and has always denied climate changes in different ways.

Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky

Mitch McConnell is another Republican politician who has denied the science behind the climate change. After saying that he was distressed by the US-China deal of cutting the emissions, he spends part of his re-election saying that he would not consider the emissions caps. This was because he knew that nobody else was going to have such interest. The senator also said that he isn’t a scientist, but only interested in protecting the economy of Kentucky such as having low electricity costs among others.