6 Ways of How Not To Suck At Life


Love your family

No one gets to choose their family, but this is who we are given to make the trip through life with. Spend time with your parents and learn all that you can from them about their lives and their history. Learn about your own family history and roots and pass that on to your children. When you find a partner and marry, stay faithful to them. Cheating is a destructive pastime and is just not worth it. If you find that you no longer love your partner at some point, then break off the relationship, but don’t sneak around behind their back, it is just not fair.

If you have children, dedicate time to them every day. Tell them that you love them, that you are proud of them, and be a part of their lives. Nurture them and train them to be worthwhile people who will carry on your family line in the future. Help your children to build confidence and learn about themselves through activities that promote self-discovery.

Don’t waste your life wandering around aimlessly without a purpose. Find out what interests you and pursue it, don’t give up on your dreams. If you suffer disappointment along the way, get up, brush the dirt from your knees and carry on. You only get one life and you need to live it the best way that you can.

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