6 Ways of How Not To Suck At Life


Don’t do drugs

Everyone experiments with drugs at some point in their life, but stay away from dangerous and addictive drugs like heroin, meth and crack cocaine. Drugs will consume your life if you use them and you will not have any life at all once you are an addict. Do the right thing, avoid drugs or they will ruin your life.

Stay in school

If you dropped out of school as a teenager and want to return to school, many local cities offer free upgrading so that you can obtain your grade 12 equivalent. You won’t get far in life without your basic education and once you upgrade you will open a lot of doors as far as job opportunities. Decide early what direction you want to take and follow through. If you cannot afford to go to school, see what you can do to get a student loan or take courses over time.

Be Dedicated to your Job

Not To Suck At Life

Not To Suck At Life

Find a good job and stick with it. Too many people these days hop from job to job and cost employers a lot of money in training and trying to find good employees. Employers reward long term employees for their loyalty with promotions and educational opportunities. If you can find an entry level job in a field you are interested in, it is likely that the employer will invest in you once you have proven that you are worthy.

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