How Much Taxpayer Money Did Trump Spend Since He Got Elected?

3. Ski Vacations – Each time one of Trump’s daughters or sons goes on a ski vacation or business trip, the Secret Service have to be paid to accompany them. The cost to protect the children of the president is starting to pile up as these trips become more frequent. Conservative estimates have the taxpayers having to pay an additional $30 million for protecting the First Family.

4. Air Force One – Each time the president goes to a rally, a business meeting, a vacation, or a golfing trip, he takes Air Force One to that location. Taxpayers will not be happy to discover that in order to travel on Air Force One, it is costing them $200,000 per hour that Boeing 747 is in the air. In additional to the price of the plane, limousines need to be arranged to transport Trump from the plane to the hotel, the golf course, or the rally, which simply gets added on to that ballooning bill.

5. Added Police – When Trump shows up to a town to play golf, attend a business meeting, or speak at a rally, additional local police are needed to maintain order. Now that Trump is president, the price tag jumps to $12,000 per day in police overtime depending on the city. Over the course of a summer, that cost to taxpayers could easily reach $300,000 in overtime for added police protection.