How Much Taxpayer Money Did Trump Spend Since He Got Elected?

President Trump made it clear many years ago that he would not be wasting taxpayer money. Trump also made it clear he was going to use his own money to fund his campaign, he would use his own jet to fly to rallies, and if elected, he would save taxpayers money by not taking a salary while in office. While he has kept up his end of that bargain in most of these cases, just being the president comes with costs that simply can not be avoided.

The question of how much taxpayer money did Trump spend since he got elected is a challenging one to get accurate because that bill continues to rise each time he leaves the White House. It doesn’t matter business or please, the president costs taxpayers every second he in out in public. The trouble for the country is most people aren’t aware exactly how much is really being put on the shoulders of the taxpayer.

Here is just some of the money taxpayers are having to shell out since trump was elected:

1. Florida Trips – Although Trump stays on his own properties when he visits Florida, it still is costing taxpayers a small fortune. The cost of getting all the people that need to surround the president to Florida, house them, feed them, and get them back to the White House runs taxpayers $3 million every trip.

2. Protecting the First Lady – The First Lady has made it very clear she would rather stay in her home in New York with her son than the free government housing the First Family is entitled too. Although the accommodations in New York are paid for by Trump, it still is costing taxpayers to protect the First Lady outside of living in the White House. According to estimates by the Washington Post, to protect Melania Trump and her son in the Trump Tower, Secret Service have to be paid an additional $27 million that taxpayers are shouldering.