4 Foods That Make You Tired And Sleepy

Fatigue can result from any number of things, ranging from spending most of your day hard at work to increased stress and even some medical conditions such as anemia and arthritis. Many are however unaware that the food you eat could be as big a contributor to your fatigue and exhaustion as the other factors.
We are what we eat and the more we consume unhealthy foods, the higher the risk we face of some conditions, of which is feeling tired and worn out. Some of the foods that make you tired and sleepy include:

1. Refined carbohydrates
You favorite snack or those cookies that are so delicious you can’t get enough of may be the reason you are always tired and sleepy. Refined carbohydrates cause a very sharp rise in sugar levels thanks to their extremely high glycemic indexes. This sharp rise results in a sharp decline in sugar levels which leaves your body without much energy. This makes you feel worn out and sleepy, sometimes even if you have just woken up.

2. Sugary food
Immediately after you consume sugary foods, you tend to feel very energetic. This is because of the increased sugar level in the body. The body’s natural reaction is the production of insulin which processes the excess glucose into glycogen. The excess insulin is left in the body and continues to process the glucose into glycogen. This ends up denying your body the necessary blood sugar level required for optimum performance. This is why you feel sleepy and without an ounce of energy shortly after your favorite snack.

3. Fatty food
High-fat dairy products such as cheese and butter, chocolate and ice cream are some of the foods we can’t seem to get enough of. These fatty foods are however one of the reasons you may be feeling always worn out and sleepy. The high-fat content in this food is hard for our digestive system to break down and the body ends up using most of its energy in the process. Our bodies are left with little energy for the other processes and we end up tired and sleepy. Continued consumption of fatty foods has been proven to slow down the brain’s reactions, making you feel sluggish. People who consume fatty foods also have a harder time getting sufficient sleep leading to exhaustion.

4. Processed foods
We result to processed foods for a number of reasons, ranging from just how tasty they are to how much easier it is to buy them as opposed to cooking a wholesome meal. Processed foods are not good for your health though, with their negative effects being more than just extra pounds. Processed foods are packed with such ingredients as sugar and flour, which denies your body of important ingredients. They also contain saturated fats which take more energy to digest, depriving you of the much-needed strength. Processed foods also lead to other problems such as weight gain which can make you feel even more tired and sleepy.