9 Ways To Be Much Better At Work


 To Be Much Better At Work

4. Resist the urge to “backstab” co-workers.

If you don’t like something that a co-worker is doing, find a diplomatic way to approach and talk to them about it. If you have tried speaking to them about the issue to work it out between yourselves and it is still not resolved, then let them know you will take it to H.R. next.

5. If you are bored at work, ask for more work and responsibilities.

Not every job is busy all day long and it is important to work as part of a team to accomplish the completion of tasks and projects. You might have to do some work that is not in your “job description” but you may learn a new skill or talent that you can add to your resume if you are looking for a different job. Be a sponge and learn as much as you can from everyone around you.

6. Try not to say “no” to anyone who asks for help from you if you can swing it.


If the boss needs something extra and you have time to do that extra item, then say “yes” and do your best. This is the kind of thing that bosses remember when it comes time to giving out those bonus checks.

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