9 Ways To Be Much Better At Work


 To Be Much Better At Work

Work can become a tedious task that you start to dread and really, that is completely unnecessary. What if you like your job but you work with a bunch of people that you have difficulty working with? You know, those people who gossip furiously all day long with one another so that you start to wonder if they actually get any work done at all. Have you slid into a state of complacency? What can you do to combat your indifference and be better at work?

Jobs are hard to come by these days, especially good ones, and many of us almost feel “entitled” to ours, but the truth is that we could easily be disposable, so we need to be better! Maybe you need to work on your own attitude and start to clean up your own act on the job. You will be quite surprised how a little effort and an attitude adjustment can change your outlook quickly.

1. Are you just a little bit late for work each day?

Start arriving on time or a few minutes early, take the prescribed lunch hour and leave on time. Cutting a few minutes off here and there can look bad to the boss, and it can start to make you feel nonchalant.

2. Although there is probably no dress code at your work, are you dressing a little bit too casually?

Running shoes are really not appropriate footwear unless you plan to go for a walk at lunch and even then you should change into something a little more dressy for your work.

3. Convey a professional attitude at all times.

Don’t mix work friends with play friends and keep the line drawn between work and play. Remember that your boss has certain expectations from you and you should always meet those expectations and, if possible, exceed them often.


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