9 Ways To Be More Creative


To Be More Creative

-Play and pretend. When you play, your mind can explore and your subconscious can work its magic. This is one of the reasons why “getting away from everything,” if you can, allows creativity to blossom. One of the means of getting away is by playing and pretending.
Use your imagination and picture yourself where you would like to be a few years from now. Visualize the details or write them down. Make sure your “feelings” are in-sync with your thoughts. Feelings are the fuel that give your thoughts power.

Visualization is a technique that can be used for numerous situations. Supposing you have an important job interview coming up. In your mind, pretend you are at the interview. See yourself acting and speaking professionally, don’t worry about the outcome. Just visualize yourself doing well.
Play childhood games. Buy a hoola-hoop if you don’t already have one. Play with Legos, mix crazy watercolors together and see what colors emerge. Just play, pretend, and allow your mind to be free. You may find yourself with an abundance of creative ideas popping-up.

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