9 Ways To Be More Creative


To Be More Creative

-Write it down. That’s right, put pen to paper the old-fashioned way, and write down, at random, your thoughts, ideas, feelings, or a problem you want to solve. It seems that writing things down release the mind and leaves room for creative energies to revivify. Psychologists for years have noted the benefits of writing things down on paper. Not on your computer, but on “real” paper!

-Do a jig around the house. Don’t worry about looking silly, act silly if you want! Dancing is much like exercise. The movement releases “feel good” hormones known as endorphins. This opens the gateway to get your creative juices flowing.


-Just be quiet. Listen to the silence. It sounds wonderful. Quiet has its own type of sound. Perhaps you can watch a sunset. The best serene hours are between 4am and 6am. Most cars are off the road and there’s nothing there but you and, well, life. If you can’t manage the early morning hours, allow yourself a “quiet day” if possible. This means no phone calls, no media like TV etc…just silence. Quiet within and quiet without. If you have to shut yourself off in a room for a short time, if you have family at home, do it. Just explain its nothing personal, you just need a bit of “me time.”

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