9 Ways To Be More Creative


To Be More Creative

It’s time to start thinking outside the box.  It takes conscious effort to become a creative thinker.  However, the result leaves you with a plethora of benefits. For example, being more creative helps you sleep better, solve problems, and tackle work projects in a more productive manner.

In addition, you become a more multifaceted individual, and more interesting and easy going. Okay, you may be an interesting person already, but there’s always room for improvement, even if it requires liking and accepting ourselves more.

Studies conducted at the University of California, Santa-Barbara, gave a creative exercise to students, and afterwards had them take a break. During the break, some students were told to name colors displayed on a computer screen, others worked on a rigorous memory test, some were told to take a rest, and others had no rest at all.

After going back to work, the students who performed the simple color-naming task did considerably better than the other students did.

You want to know why? Because idleness has its benefits, according to a UC Santa Barbara professor of psychology. What the study results concluded is that “twiddling your thumbs, or, singing in the shower,” so to speak, allows the brain to gather a balanced amount of activity that translates into “go forth and create.” You want to know how to be more creative, read on.

– Cut off the tube. Not YouTube but the TV, well, YouTube too if you must. If you dare, get rid of the TV altogether. TV numbs the mind. It’s a subliminal game that is played on viewers that leaves them emotionally charged based on illogical outcomes and situations. It’s a brain-drain and creativity sapper as well.

– Take a walk. Whether its one hour, 15 minutes, or whatever, just get out and walk. Take in the scenery around you, but not in a personal sense. Be detached. Just let things “be” and enjoy things as they are. Let your mind become a “free agent.” Perhaps you will find yourself full of creative ideas and solutions.


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