9 Steps To Save Up And Become Healthier


To Become Healthier
7. Save on OTC drugs

If you take prescription drugs on regular basis you know it can be costly, so much that some patients substitute them with natural remedies. For example, rather than reaching out for Tylenol whenever you experience a headache, take a nap in a calm place (possibly dark) for 30 minutes. The effects will be similar to pills, but none of the adverse side effects. If you are experiencing stomach upset, a cup of hot tea will offer relief. Long-term effects of overuse of non-prescribed drugs, either adverse or positive, remain unknown. And because individual body chemistry varies widely, it is best to substitute them with natural remedies.

8. Drop your personal trainer

If you have been receiving fitness instruction right from the start under the guidance of a personal trainer, you may find that the individual sessions will have to be among the first things to be relinquished when cash gets tight. But rather than parting ways with a person who has helped you turn your weaknesses into strengths, join a group session that can make training more inexpensive and enjoyable. Alternatively, you can turn to virtual coach programs, active video games, or computerized gadgets that can keep track of your heart rate, calories burned and daily number of steps.

9. Interval training 

Interval training is a very lucrative and efficient way of decreasing body fat. It is documented that intense exercise is more effective at cutting body fat, increasing aerobic as well as anaerobic endurance. High intensity exercise is recommended over low intensity exercise as it is a form of anaerobic exercise, meaning there’s oxygen debt formed in your body. In high intensity training, workouts are rigorous and fast paced. By doing interval intensity exercise at home, you will become healthier for a fraction of the cost and long-term savings will also add up.


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