8 Ways To Never Be Unemployed

 How To Not Be Unemployed

4. Stick to the basics

Despite the fact that taking on extra tasks or projects can reduce your chances of being laid off, there is need to stick to the basics. This will greatly help you to complete assignments and projects in time before embarking on additional projects. More often than not, employees that tend to go overboard in order to impress their employees end up failing to meet their boss’s expectations. Bottom line; only take additional projects or assignments that you are sure you can handle well.

5. Never burn your bridges


This is a very common quote that cuts across all fields of expertise. First, it is advisable to try and avoid doing things that can predispose you to job layoffs. Nevertheless, if you happen to lose your job, be respectful and diligent towards your former employer. This is based on the fact that most employers carry out an intensive background review of all job applicants before hiring one. Actually most of them will look at your job history. This may include interviewing your former boss. Woe onto you if you disrespected him or her when packing off.