8 Ways To Never Be Unemployed


 How To Not Be Unemployed

According to the current economic environment, it is projected that unemployment rate will subside by approximately 7.5% by the end of this year. However, that does not mean that the job cuts and layoffs will not be experienced. Most companies use this strategy to reduce their operating costs.

1. Do everything on time

All managers can attest to the fact that the most irritating thing is managing employees who never get to the office or complete tasks on time. Hence, it is highly recommendable to wake up early and arrive at your workplace in time. One of the sure ways of doing this is by rescheduling your daily plan in order to avoid various traffic related problems such as traffic snarl ups and accidents.

2. Assist your boss

It goes without saying that most bosses are bombarded with very many tasks that have to be completed within the set deadlines. It is a good idea to assist your boss complete some of the tasks especially if you have the required skills and expertise.

However, be vigilant not to come off as pandering your manager as this may have a negative impact on your profession hence do not over overdo it. Also, it is wise to help your team members to complete their tasks in order to improve your image.

3. Always be a professional


This is one of the core attributes that differentiates between robust employees and their counterparts. Maintain the highest level of professionalism when carrying out your obligations. Be polite, honest and transparent when dealing with your coworkers and clients. Note that some of the clients may be requested to review the quality of your service by the management team.

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