7 Ways To Find a High Paying Job in Finance


To Find High Paying Job in Finance

3. Work Your Way Up

Starting off a small fish in a very big pond might not sound ideal. But if you put the work in and look ahead, you could be climbing the career ladder before you know it. Let’s take investment banking as an example. Entry-level banking jobs will provide you with a wage and the opportunity to network with your seniors. In order to succeed though, you’ll need to prove your worth. Ask yourself: do you have the accounting skills that are needed to make a big impression? Are you able to make quick deals? If you lack confidence, brush up on your skills in your free time. Remember – if you’re determined enough, you’ll soon climb the ranks.

4. Become A Market Expert

Many people assume that they need to work their way up in a big company in order to land the big bucks. But that’s not always the case. In fact, you could land a high paying job in finance by working for yourself. Thing outside the box and discover new ways where you can showcase your talent. One way to make your mark in the world of finance is to utilize new technology in order to showcase your skills. For example, you might want to start up your own YouTube channel where you discuss important finance stories or interview industry leaders. You will be creating a visual resume of your all your knowledge – something potential employers might be looking for in the future. Alternatively, you might want to go down a more conventional route and seek a career in print or television journalism. The salaries here will be much lower than in finance (unless you manage to get your own column or TV show of course!). However, the experience will be priceless, and will instantly make you stand out from your peers. The big financial networks like MSNBC and Bloomberg all offer internships where you will be able to learn more about the world of financial journalism.

5. Develop Soft Skills


Even if you’re a mathematical mastermind who can spot market trends in a moment’s notice, sometimes that’s just not enough. Employers often look for other key skills that might not necessarily pertain to finance, but are essential in any workplace across the country. These can include communication skills, how someone works within a team, adapting to pressure, and taking initiative. If you lack in any of these departments, you might want to brush up on your skills. Take a look at your resume and previous job positions and identify any weaknesses when it comes to these core skills. Find a way to overcome any challenges that you have.

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