7 Ways To Improve Your Memory


How To Improve Your Memory

6. Eat More Fish and Legumes. Making a few simple diet improvements is a sure way to improve memory if you aren’t eating enough fish and legumes. How much is enough? Think one serving of legumes (like beans or lentils) a day and four servings of fish a week. Healthy fat containing fish like salmon, mackerel and anchovies are best, though other fish are also good in a pinch. Getting a memory boost from fish is classic advice that’s still sound today, so don’t ignore it!

7. Sleep More. Lack of adequate sleep can have a devastating effect on our memories and other important mental functions. In fact not sleeping well one night can take up to three good night’s sleep to recover from. If you are hoping to boost memory being sure to get a solid eight or more hours of uninterrupted sleep a night is absolutely essential, Be sure your room is cool, dark and free of distractions like the television or music playing when it’s time for sleep. Repeat this for a week and don’t be surprised if you feel reborn! Sleep well and watch your memory improve effortlessly.

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