7 Ways To Improve Your Memory


How To Improve Your Memory 3. Image Association.
This is a trick used by all of the world’s top memory contest winners, so you know if they endorse it we should take it very seriously! Instead of thinking of words and numbers when we try to remember something, make an effort to think in visual terms. By associating what we would like to remember with images, we are much, much more likely to remember what we wish to without struggling. It’s a law of how our minds work that can be easily used to improve our memories in seconds. Get in the habit of drawing pictures in your mind and a memory contest may be in your near future too!

4. Supplement Smartly. While many supplements claim they offer easy ways to improve your memory, the truth is a bit more complicated. Only a few dietary supplements have passed the test of being both safe and effective once they’ve been researched heavily by unbiased sources. The best by far available today is Ginko Biloba. Ginko Biloba is affordable, safe and powerful. Be sure to allow it at least a few weeks of daily use before you expect to see results. 120mg a day is a good starting dose.

5. Do Puzzles. Brain games like word puzzles, Sudoku and crosswords are not only a fun way to pass a little time they are also a good memory work out. Do them often enough and your memory will respond to them just as well as your body would going to the gym. If you are so inclined there’s more than a few online brain games that have been developed specifically to boost memory and other areas of cognition. A quick Google search will give you a whole assortment to choose from, some free and some not.


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