7 Ways To Improve Your Memory


How To Improve Your Memory

The human mind is a remarkable thing. In many ways we could consider it the original super computer, capable of astonishing feats when it’s working optimally. Some of the secrets of getting the most out of our minds are quite simple to execute once we are aware of them. Have you ever wished your memory was more sharp? Check out these 7 ways to improve your memory, and you may never find yourself wondering where you left your car keys again!

1. Cut Stress. Depression, stress and anxiety all tax the same area of your brain that is responsible for memory. This means when anyone of these things are running rampant in your life your memory will suffer, sometimes greatly.

Finding a healthy way to relieve stress or elevate depression will not only be felt in an overall boost of quality of life, but can also give an almost magical improvement to memory. Some methods that have worked again and again: meditation, yoga or even spending relaxing time with a pet. Give these a try and see what you think.

2. Get the Blood Flowing. Exercise isn’t only great for your body, but it’s equally good for your long and short term memory. Get moving, keep your blood flowing in a healthy manner consistently and what you thought was a bad memory will likely be replaced by a more youthful mind that is less prone to forgetfulness.

Cardiovascular exercise is king in granting this benefit so running, swimming, riding the bike or clocking in on the rowing machine are all good choices here.


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