7 Signs People Dislike You


Relationships7. Constantly Disagree With Everything You Say
Regardless if you come up with a new idea, have an opinion on something, or comment about a particular subject, if you are cut-down before you can finish the sentence, it is because someone doesn’t respect you enough to give you a chance to say your peace. It doesn’t matter if you actually are saying something they agree with, this person will find some way to discredit, reject, or belittle your opinion.

This person has such a bias for you that they do not want to even entertain the thought of you getting recognition for anything you say. When a person dislikes you, they might have trouble telling you to your face, but their subconscious can not keep them from jumping at the chance to battle you at any opportunity.

In the past you may not have paid too close attention to the obvious signals, but now you should have a better understanding what is going on around you. By paying closer attention to these 7 signs people dislike you, there will be little doubt about being able to pinpoint those close by who actually have a serious dislike for you.


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