7 Signs People Dislike You



While there are certainly going to be people in your life that have little difficulties telling you exactly how much they despise you, there are others who choose a more diplomatic route and will try to hide hurting your feelings by humoring you. When it comes to the workplace especially, rather than create unwanted tension on the job, many will choose to be professional and avoid risking losing their jobs by not telling you how they really feel about you. Whether at the job, in your circle of friends, or in your neighborhood, these people still will exhibit red flags that they would rather not have to be around you if possible.

It is important that you can identify these 7 signs people dislike you so that you can take back control of who you want in your life and who you could do without. Being well-liked by everyone is surely a moral booster, but you might have to come to grips with the fact that some people just will never like you regardless what you do.


1. Pay Attention to Gossip – Nobody likes to be the subject of negative gossip, but many times you have little control of the talk because the same few people seem to thrive off of the misfortunes of others. In instances where someone has a serious dislike of everything that you do, they will go to great lengths to discredit everything positive in your world by starting rumors or spreading dirt about you whenever they can.

Perhaps you are the type of person who does not get involved in all that juicy gossip, you can still pay closer attention to get an understanding of exactly where the fire is being started. Whether at work, neighborhood party, or the gym, start paying closer attention to the gossip flowing around. Usually if the gossip involved you, it will start when you are not present and spread like wildfire. If you listen to what people are talking about, you can narrow down where it started and who is behind dishing all that dirt about you.

joke2. Not Being Included Those Inside Jokes – Everyone at one time in their life has walked in on a group of people talking or laughing, only to hear them reply after being questioned that it is an inside joke and they will never get it. One of the signs that people dislike you, those inside jokes appear to happen frequently around certain people.

When you enter a room they snicker and whisper and giggle, never letting you in on what exactly is so funny. Similar to office bantering, these little conversations are the cement that hold together certain relationships. If you are not being included in these conversations or you seem to trigger the laughter when you approach these folks, chances are pretty good that they don’t want you to be a part of their little fun and games.

loneleh3. Never Invited to Social Gatherings – If you find that you are never being invited to lunches with the neighborhood click, you are never asked to hang at the water cooler at work, or you are left out of those project meetings over drinks, someone is trying to send you a message.

Now perhaps everyone in this group does not feel the same way, but if one person has a serious dislike of being around you, it is beneficial for the group to just go along with the crowd. When you find that you are being excluded from small social interactions, chances are good you have an enemy in the midst.

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