7 Signs Your Neighbors Hate You

Neighbors Relation
2. They always have to make a phone call when they see you

Ignoring people is not always easy and the most common way to avoid getting into conversations with people that you do not like is by making a fake phone call. Neighbors who like you would even place a call on hold just to say hi. As a result, you can easily identify those who do not like you by their hastiness to get away from you. The phone call is a basic and obvious, but yet effective way of getting rid of unwanted company. Therefore, if you have that neighbor who is always walking away from you to pick or make a phone call, they clearly don’t like you.

3. Their children look at you with weird eyes or simply lack respect for you

Children spend a lot of time listening and processing what their parents say and they base their opinion of their neighbors on how their parents think or feel about them.

Neighbors who hate you are likely to spend a huge amount of time bad mouthing you and thus their children will also have a low opinion of you, causing them to disrespect you. This means that if your neighbors’ children neither like nor respect you, their parents most likely hate you.

4. They complain about you to other neighbors

Most neighborhoods have some form of fellowship that is aimed either at developing the area or at simply building social relationships that can benefit the residents in some way. This means that your new neighbors are likely to have some discussions or meetings every now and then.


When you become a consistent feature in these discussions, it implies that one of the neighbors is seeking support against you. Whatever their motivation is, gossiping about you to the other neighbors is a clear indication that they disapprove of you.