7 Most Polluted Countries in The World

According to the World Health Organization, around ninety percent people all over the world are exposed to the dangerous air pollution. The polluted outside air causes many health complications even if you follow a healthy lifestyle. The air pollution has increased significantly in the last decade. The main causes of air pollution are the dirt, smoke, and mold. The growing industries are the major causes of air pollution in most of the countries. In this article, we present you 7 most polluted countries in the world. The people of those countries are more prone to air polluted diseases. The people are suffering from respiratory issues, hair, and skin problems.

1. Pakistan

Pakistan ranks first as it has some major industries including mining, fuel extraction, and manufacturing that cause air pollution and make the environment dirty. The high pollution level is in Karachi. This city numbers five in the worst level of world air pollution. Peshawar and Rawalpindi are most affected cities.

2. Qatar

Qatar ranks second as it has a major contribution to the oil production. The country’s capital Doha is the most affected area.

3. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is also one of the most air-polluted countries. It focuses more on the textile and agriculture. Its capital Kabul is ranked 22nd in the world’s worst polluted cities in the world.

4. Bangladesh

Bangladesh also ranks high in the air pollution. The biggest industries of this country are agriculture and manufacturing. Some of the most affected cities in Bangladesh are Narayongan, Gazipur, and Dhaka.

5. Iran

Iran ranks five in this category. Its major industries are automotive, construction, and gas production. Khoramabad is the most affected city in Iran.

6. Egypt

Egypt ranks with low and middle income. But when it comes to pollution, it numbers six. Some of the major industries of this country are oil production, textiles, and agriculture. The affected cities are Cairo and Delta.

7. Mongolia

Mongolia is also known as one of the air polluted countries. The major industries are oil production, mining, and construction. The most affected city is Darkham.