7 Most Expensive Cell Phones

Most people consider their mobile devices as just gadgets they use to communicate, play games and do their shopping. However, to the very wealthy people, these devices signify luxury and prestige and they spare no cost to acquire the most expensive devices on offer. The most expensive ever include:

7. iPhone Princess Plus – $170, 000
This phone was designed by Peter Aloisson, an Austrian and contains 318 glittering diamonds with 138 of them being princess cut. It has a gold plated panel and boasts of having 180 diamonds which are of the highest quality.

6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot $1 million
It was launched in 2005 and is made of gold that weighs 180g. Its back panel is made of the most expensive wood in the world; the African backwoods that is 200 years old and it has sapphire keys.

5. Goldvish Le Million – $1.5 million
It was launched in Switzerland and was designed by Emmanuel Gueit. It contains 18 carats of gold and 20 carats of diamond and was the recipient of the Guinness World Record for the most expensive phone back in 2006.

4. iPhone King’s Button – $2.7 million
This luxury phone was designed by Peter Aloisson and it boasts of 138 diamonds. The 6.6 carats worth of diamonds replaced the home button and resemble a crown hence its name.

3. iPhone 4 Elite Gold Edition – $ 6 million
This phone has a bezel that contains 100 carats worth of diamonds with its back panel containing 24 carats of gold. It’s made of solid platinum and the Apple logo is made of 53 diamonds and 24 carats worth of gold.

2. Diamond iPhone 5 – $ 15.3 million
This luxury phone was designed by Stuart Hughes and replaces the home button with a rare black diamond. It contains 600 diamonds at the back and the Apple logo has 53 diamonds.

1. Falcon iPhone 6 – $23 million
The world’s most expensive phone is Falcon’s special edition iPhone that comes with 24-carat gold or platinum case. This collection contains gemstones fitted at the back just below the Apple logo which vary with preference with the most expensive edition going for as high as $95 million.