7 Interesting Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence


To Increase Your Intelligence
Doing Practice Tests

The next important technique of enhancing intelligence is by doing practice tests. Intelligence of an individual can be developed by conducting regular practice tests. It is a proven and age old formula of increasing intelligence. If you focus on practicing a particular thing again and again then you will develop a certain mastery of that matter. This mastery in return leads to the enhancement of intelligence in an individual. Hence, practice tests are very useful in gaining intelligence. If done with full concentration and dedication this method is quite helpful in improving the level of intelligence.

Consuming Veggies

Last but not the least way of increasing intelligence is consumption of green vegetables. It is a well-known fact that green vegetables are linked with intellectual functions in human body. They are like a booster to your intellectual functioning and also increase cognitive response in the body. As such, by including green veggies in your diet you can bring a revolutionary change in your intelligence. Veggies provides all the essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins and minerals that are highly required to give a hike to the intellectual and cognitive functioning in the body. Include veggies in your diet and see the difference.



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