7 Interesting Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence


TryTo Increase Your Intelligence out Social Gaming

A very useful way for enhancing one’s intelligence level is through social gaming. In the quest of increasing intelligent level activities involving a multiple type of varieties and social interaction prove to be very beneficial. Playing on scrabble app or interacting with a friend regularly on WIFI can boost the intelligence level to a striking extent. Though not instant, this is also a quite effective means of increasing the IQ.

Moving to Video Games

Another highly effective means of acquiring a high level of intelligence is through video games. It is a proven fact that video games help in development of intelligence. In fact, they act as building blocks for intelligence. Playing of video games requires quick and sharp skills. Moreover, playing video games involve high concentration, greater and faster brain functioning. As such a regular practice of video games incorporates these skills into an individual and improves his intelligence.

Trying to Develop Verbal Smartness


If you want to be smarter and intelligent then put less stress on physical exercises and concentrate on improving your verbal skills. Verbal skills initiate verbal intelligence. But it is often seen that muscular strength acquired through strong physical exercises is of no help in gaining intelligence. Instead, if you focus on developing your verbal skills you will be successful in attaining a high intelligence level. Verbal skills require quick and instant functioning of the brain. Hence, it accelerates the level of intelligence in a individual.

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