7 Interesting Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence


We are all intelligent creatures in some ways. But sometimes it is seen that some of the peoples vary from one another in their intelligent quotients. Low intelligence may become the cause of lack of confidence or inferiority feeling in such persons. If you are someone feeling that your intelligence is not sharp enough and you need to do something to increase your intelligence then you are in the right place. Here are 7 interesting and easy ways to increase your intelligence. Have a look and get inspired.

Playing Games

To speed up your intelligence, you may adopt the method of playing memory games that has a direct impact on the fluid intelligence of an individual. The working memory of an individual largely depends on fluid intelligence. Games that are based on the memory tests and remembrance of any geometrical pattern, shape or other sounds may be greatly helpful in boosting your working memory by increasing the fluid intelligence. If you practice such times of memory games daily like Dual N-Back games then you will certainly have an impressive spur in your intelligence.

Taking Intelligence Boosters

Regular consumption of supplements can fast track your intelligence and can raise it by a noticeable difference. This difference is caused due to the increased level of energy in the brain that facilitates the easy computation of the brain. It thus can give a hike to the brainpower of individuals and can provide them with an increased level of intelligence. Intelligence supplements can provide instant sharpness to the brain immediately after consuming it.

Tryout Social Gaming

A very useful way for enhancing one’s intelligence level is through social gaming. In the quest of increasing intelligent level activities involving multiple types of varieties and social interaction proved to be very beneficial. Playing on the scrabble app or interacting with a friend regularly on WIFI can boost the intelligence level to a striking extent. Though not instant, this is also a quite effective means of increasing IQ.

Moving to Video Games

Another highly effective means of acquiring a high level of intelligence is through video games. It is a proven fact that video games help in the development of intelligence. In fact, they act as building blocks for intelligence. Playing video games requires quick and sharp skills. Moreover, playing video games involve high concentration, greater and faster brain functioning. As such a regular practice of video games incorporates these skills into an individual and improves his intelligence.

Trying to Develop Verbal Smartness

If you want to be smarter and intelligent then put less stress on physical exercises and concentrate on improving your verbal skills. Verbal skills initiate verbal intelligence. But it is often seen that muscular strength acquired through strong physical exercises is of no help in gaining intelligence. Instead, if you focus on developing your verbal skills you will be successful in attaining a high intelligence level. Verbal skills require quick and instant functioning of the brain. Hence, it accelerates the level of intelligence in an individual.

Doing Practice Tests

The next important technique of enhancing intelligence is by doing practice tests. The intelligence of an individual can be developed by conducting regular practice tests. It is a proven and age-old formula for increasing intelligence. If you focus on practicing a particular thing again and again then you will develop a certain mastery of that matter. This mastery in return leads to the enhancement of intelligence in an individual. Hence, practice tests are very useful in gaining intelligence. If done with full concentration and dedication this method is quite helpful in improving the level of intelligence.

Consuming Veggies

Last but not the least way of increasing intelligence is the consumption of green vegetables. It is a well-known fact that green vegetables are linked with intellectual functions in the human body. They are like a booster to your intellectual functioning and also increase cognitive response in the body. As such, by including green veggies in your diet you can bring a revolutionary change in your intelligence. Veggies provide all the essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins and minerals that are highly required to give a hike to the intellectual and cognitive functioning in the body. Include veggies in your diet and see the difference.






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