7 Dangers Of Having A Corporate Job


6 Lack Of Pride

The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow stated that all humans are driven by certain needs. These needs form a hierarchy. When one level of needs is satisfied we want to move up the hierarchy to the next level.

At the bottom level we want to secure our basic survival needs in the form of monetary income. But as we move up the pyramid we have other needs such as the need to belong, feel loved and be esteemed. At the top of the pyramid is the feeling of self-actualization.

Unfortunately, if you are working for a large organization it can be very difficult to find a sense of pride in what you are doing. Compare that to starting your own business or working at a start-up where your contribution will have a very real impact on the success or failure of that enterprise. Inevitably no level of monetary reward will be satisfying if you are unable to satisfy some of these higher needs.

7 Competitive Rather Than Co-Operative Environment

The constant competition to be noticed, to get bonuses or to advance up the career ladder, can make working in a corporation an unpleasant environment. Also, the unfortunate truth is that in many large organizations advancement becomes more about politics than who is actually the best person for the job. People who don’t want to “play the game” may find that they are unable to advance. despite their merits.

In comparison smaller organizations rely on people pulling together. In a small company you may be the only person who has your particular skill set and so your contribution is always valuable and not in direct competition to anyone else. In a corporation there will be many people who can do much the same thing as you. The constant fear of being replaced can make corporations an unpleasant place to work.

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