7 Dangers Of Having A Corporate Job


Corporate Job
3 Progression Can Be Slow

If you want to fast track your career then the slow move up the corporate ladder may take longer than you imagine. People are retiring and staying in their jobs longer than ever before. If you want to quickly advance your career you may be better of looking into a flatter organization where there is more room for rapid advance.

4 A False Sense Of Security

Having a corporate job isn’t once what it used to be. Remember when GM laid off 50,000 people in 2009, a staggering 20% of their workforce, or when Hewlett-Packard got rid of 24,600 so called “redundant” employees in 2008.

A corporate job can often give the illusion of security but unfortunately that’s precisely what it is – an illusion. The fact is that if the economy turns sour you are just as likely to be fired as anyone else. There really are no more jobs for life. And even worse with a corporate job you can often find yourself laid off for no fault of your own. With those mass lay-offs entire regions and departments may find themselves out of job, with both star performers and the slackers treated exactly the same.

5 Less Opportunity To Shine

The rigid nature of a corporate job means that there is less opportunity for you to impress. It’s an old trope but it’s unfortunately true at many corporations – if you do something right then your boss is going to take credit, do something wrong and you’ll get the blame. However, an even more common problem is that you will probably get barely noticed at all.

Corporate Job

And even if you do come up with a great way for the business to grow or an innovative idea for a new product, more than likely it won’t go anywhere thanks to all the layers of bureaucracy.

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