7 Countries With The Least Intelligent People

Have you ever wondered which country is the least intelligent? We used 4 criterias to determine the level of intelligence of every country in the world – 1. level of technology and research. 2. access to the internet. 3.quality of science and math education. 4.the rate of students enrolling for the tertiary education. Based on these factors, the following countries are in the bottom of the list:

1. Sierra Leone is known for its low tertiary education enrollment that is rated at only 2%. Besides this, they also have a poor technology performance as the quality of science and math education being rated at 2.51.

2. Mali -This is one country that has a very poor development when it comes to internet access and development in technology. Their tertiary education enrollment has been rated at about 7.5% while the quality of math and science education lagging behind at 3.14.

3. Chad – When you go to Chad, you will definitely experience one of the poorest Internet access ever. It has been estimated that only 2.3% of the county’s population is using the internet. They have also contributed very little to technology advancement while their enrollment in tertiary education is at only 2.25%.

4. Mozambique – With an average ranking of only 10.5%, Mozambique has remained to be one of the least intelligent countries in the world. The quality of science and math education is very poor in the country and the advancement of the latest technology is very low.

5. Mauritania – Did you know that the patent applications/million in Mauritania is zero? This is one major reason why it has been considered as the dumbest countries. Besides this, its tertiary education enrollment is rated at only 5% while the quality of math and science is at 2.9%.

6. Tanzania – Despite being known for its beautiful landscapes and wildlife, Tanzania is one country that lies behind when it comes to science and math education. Their tertiary education enrollment is rated at 3.9% while only 4.4% uses internet services.

7. Myanmar – This is another country with the lowest percentage of individuals accessing the internet. It is estimated that only 1.2% of its population have got access to the internet while the tertiary education enrollment being rated at 13.8%.