6 Ways To Reduce Your Car Insurance Costs


 Reduce Your Car Insurance Costs
5. Install theft deterrent devices (security devices) and safety devices

Insurers love good and effective devices on cars primarily because they can slow down or discourage car thieves and it generally makes your car safer even for insurer. Therefore, you may want to add theft deterrent devices to your vehicle for a great reduction in your insurance rate. However, it is important to talk to your insurer or agent before installing them so as to learn which security devices attract the best discounts. Examples of anti-theft devices for cars include alarm systems, windows sketching, snow tires, visible wheel locks, electronic keys, steering wheel lock, tracker, immobilizer and VIN chemical etching. You can also park your car in a garage or off road because this means your vehicle is less likely to be damaged or stolen. This can help you get better rates because your car is less risky to insure.

6. Mileage

One of the major determinants of your insurance premiums is mileage. You can save some money by simply reducing your dependence on your car and drive less frequently. For instance, you can carpool with your workmates or use public transport instead of driving your car to and from work unless it is necessary to use your car for work. There is a huge difference in auto quotes between business use and social and domestic use. Using your car more often implies you are naturally more prone to accidents because you are on the road more.

It is vital to consider the distance you drive in your vehicle because you can save money on auto insurance by simply agreeing to a lower mileage cap. This can be very helpful especially for families that own two cars where one car is likely to do more miles than the other.

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