6 Ways To Reduce Your Car Insurance Costs


 Reduce Your Car Insurance Costs
3. Maintain a clean driving record

This is still one of the main factors most insurers consider when determining the insurance premiums you will pay. A clean driving history will get you cheaper quotes because it actually implies that you are a good and reliable driver. Companies will offer good incentives as motivation to you in case you have the reputation of a good driver. Therefore, if your driving history is clean without traffic tickets, accidents, and drunken driving convictions you may get further discounts on your car insurance policy. In some cases, violations such as speeding may be very costly in terms of the insurance premiums and it may take 3 years or more to wipe out such misdemeanors of your driving record.

4. Increase the excess


You can opt for a higher excess when setting up your auto insurance cover as a way of reducing your premium. A higher excess attracts lower premiums. Higher excess is a good route to cheaper car insurance especially if you can avoid minor accidents or if you are not worried about the costs of minor repairs. Therefore, you can adjust your excess upwards voluntarily to see the impact it will make on your auto insurance costs. You can choose a larger excess fee especially if you are a careful driver. However, it is vital to ensure that you can afford the voluntary excess. In case you are making an insurance claim, you must stump up the excess before the insurer pays out your claim. You can also reduce your insurance costs by avoiding making frivolous claims because insurers often reward claim-free customers. Sometimes you can just pay for minor repair costs out of your pocket depending on the value of your car.

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