6 Ways To Make People Love You


How To Make People Love You

Some people assume that physical appearances have a huge impact on being attractive or likable. However, this is a flawed concept since people can only be likeable when they have an amazing personality and behavior. After all, you can only ask yourself if you would rather spend your precious time with a beautiful person who has the worst personality or a mediocre individual who has an infectious charm and personality.

Basically, likeability is an important factor that affects personal relationships and business associations. When you are more likeable, other people will be drawn to you, and it will be easy to send your message to them. Thus, by improving your likeability factor, it will be much easier to improve your relationships and gain more success in your life.

Keep in mind, though that it takes some time and effort before you can become a more likeable person. After all, it is impossible to instantly make others appreciate you when you hardly do anything about it. By applying these top 6 ways to make people love you, you can develop an enigmatic personality that will help you build and kindle relationships with others.

1. Use your body language well

According to psychologists, about 55 percent of communication is made through the use of body language. So, you must know how to converse with others using your body language properly. For instance, practice the open posture each time you talk to others. Instead of crossing your arms or looking down, make sure your body is relaxed and maintain eye contact.


Allow your body to communicate your message, as this makes you appear more confident, vibrant and attractive. This may seem so trivial to you, yet it can make a huge difference in telling others that you are interested in them. So, when you want to express your approval, make sure you use your body instead of giving a shy smile or a simple nod.

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