6 Unnecessary Luxurious Services Politicians Use Paid by Taxpayers Money

Most people hate the idea of having to pay taxes, and for good reason. Each day we hear about unnecessary luxurious services politicians use paid by taxpayers money, and it appears to be reaching a tipping point. The spending is so outrageous it sometimes sounds impossible, but it is real, too real. These politicians don’t care that your paycheck is getting smaller so they can live larger, in fact, they continue to push the envelope to the point that most people need to work two jobs to stay afloat allow these politicians to live high on the hog.

Today we are going to discuss the most outrageous wasting of taxpayer dollars by politicians who don’t feel they should be questioned on this subject. They have this sense of entitlement now that they think they deserve all the spoils that come with being a public servant.

Here are a few of the unnecessary luxurious services politicians use paid by taxpayers money:

1. Doughnuts & Coffee – Who doesn’t love a coffee and a doughnut before and during a grueling meeting? How expensive could it be to give these hard working politicians a little coffee and some doughnuts? Seriously, these politicians are making enough money that they could easily afford a $1 doughnut and $5 cup of coffee. Instead, the U.S. Congress demands that each day breakfast is provided to them for free. Taxpayers would be in shock if they realized they are actually paying the $2 million to ensure these politicians have breakfast every day.

2. The Bus Shuttle – In one of the more outrageous wastes of taxpayer dollars, Democratic James Moran decided to pass a bill that would provide a bus shuttle from Georgetown to Rosslyn, Virginia. This $100,000 bill wouldn’t be such an issue if it were something taxpayers could actually use. Peeling the curtain back, we discover that Moran lives in Georgetown and works in Rosslyn, so instead of him paying for his own vehicle, gas each day, and insurance out of his pocket, he has a shuttle arrive at his front door everyday to drive him to and back from work. This obvious abuse of taxpayer money for bus services is another example of wasteful spending on a whole new level.