6 Unnecessary Luxurious Services Politicians Use Paid by Taxpayers Money

3. Party Animal – When you hear how Republican Aaron Schock is wasting taxpayer money, you might think that this story is just too wild to be true. While in office, this Illinois Congressman would spend thousands each week of taxpayer money to book private flights so him and his friends could get to a number of different entertainment venues. While on those trips, Schock would also pay for massage services and foot the bill to the taxpayers. In one of the most outrageous acts during his term, he booked a costly transportation service to take him and all his interns to a Katy Perry concert. Trouble is, even though taxpayers paid the bill, the concert was sold out when Schock and his entourage arrived, so the money was wasted for nothing.

4. Gas & Cigarettes – The Mayor of Tennessee, Steve Selph thought that he shouldn’t have to pay for the bare necessities out of his own paycheck. Over a 5-year span, Selph would regularly stop at the same convenience store for gas and cigarettes, and each year he billed his town, which in turn was passed on to the taxpayers. The bill was $40,000 for smokes and gas, and had it not been for sloppy financial ledgers, may have gone noticed.