6 Signs You Are Not As Smart As You Think

To be not a smart as you think
3. You Talk More Than You Listen

It is often said in some cultures that man was created with two years and a single mouth because he is supposed to listen more and talk less. Just figure out somebody you know who talks too much. Does he/she look smart? Do you admire him/her? Certainly you don’t and you may opine that such people appear stupid. It is okay to talk much sometimes but if this becomes a trait, then it’s one of the signs you are not as smart as you think you are. Always listen to those around you before making your point and avoid overemphasizing and intimidating others.

4. True Success


Are you really successful? What do others think of you in terms of being successful? Do they think you are a smart person? Even though what you think of yourself is more important than what others think of you, their opinion on you definitely points to the kind of person you are likely to be. If most of your peers think you are not a smart person, it is likely to be the case because you spend most of your time with them and they know the kind of person you are. If they hold you in low regard, ask yourself why and try to improve those weak aspects of your personality that portray you negatively. You will be able to develop into a better and smarter person.