6 Signs You Are Not As Smart As You Think


To be not a smart as you think

In life, there is a thin line between being confident and arrogant. While it is good to have a high self esteem and confidence, it is also good to be realistic and conscious of those around you. Indeed, you may think you are good than others and even if that may be the case to an extent, you also have some shortcomings. There are many pointers or signs you are not as smart as you think you are. You should carefully evaluate your personality, behavior and how you relate with others in order to improve yourself and lead a better and happier life.

1. You are always in the center of conflict.

One trait of smart people is that they don’t waste their time in argument, debate and endless conflict. If you are always arguing with your peers and colleagues over simple matters trying to drive home your views, it means you have a weakness.

In fact, the need to prove to your friends, colleagues, family and other people how correct you are portrays you as lacking self confidence. Smart people have confidence. This behavior tells those around you than indeed you are not as smart as you think you are. Always avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments.

Make your points politely and convincingly and don’t dwell on arguments. In so doing, you will become a smarter person, especially to those around you.

2. Lack Of Professional Success

Opinions are always subjective in nature. In life, the end results are crucial. For instance, the amount of salary on a pay slip is objective and impossible to argue with. The smart people leverage their intelligence/smartness into professional success.


If you consider yourself smart and you are not advancing in your profession, then you need to reevaluate your life and correct whatever is amiss. Smart people do not make excuses, instead they figure out solutions.

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