6 Signs You Are Unattractive For People


To Be a Unattractive For People5. Children Are Scared Of You

There is a saying which states that the most honest people in the world are drunk people and babies. Babies simply say what they think, they do not think it may be unsuitable or worry about the consequences: they just say it no matter what. Same applies to babies who get scared, become anxious or start crying when they see you: any kind of negative reaction coming from a baby is a sign that you may not be good looking.

You can simply look at their facial expressions, the little ones are like an open book. If small children stare at you or burst into tears, then that is an obvious sign that you are unattractive. You do not need to take it personally: this is just how children are, they simply cannot help it!

6. Only Unattractive People Hit On You

If only average-looking or unattractive people hit on you, then this is another sign that you may not be as attractive as you hope to be. Like attracts like, that is like an unwritten law of the universe and the same applies to people. It is all about learning how to interpret the facts and how to read the body language, which can tell more about a person than you might think.

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