6 Habits That Kill Your Intelligence


What Kill Your Intelligence
3. Fear –

If you are always afraid you are going to fail, you are never going to try something new. It is likely you are going to fail, more than once, especially if you have never done something before. But, if you never try, or never attempt to learn something new because you are afraid you are going to fail, you are never going to get better, and are never going to learn new things. So, you have to eliminate the fear, and accept the fact that failure comes with everything new you are going to try.

4. Lack of confidence –


This goes hand in hand with the fear to fail. If you always believe you are going to mess up, and do not have confidence in the things you do, you can never learn and grow. Having confidence in yourself, even if you are doing something wrong, allows you to learn, and grow, and it allows you to move forward. This will help build intelligence, and allow you to learn new things, and experience new things in life.

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