5 Ways To Advance Financially Without A Degree


2. Real Estate Brokerage

To venture into this business option you need a lot of capital to cover your startup cost and also operational cost. Also you need to take up a real estate broker license and in some paces also might require to take up a state approved course. A professional looking website is a priority as you need to list all the services provided by you effectively. You also might need to buy an error and omissions insurance .The office needs to well equipped and agents need to be hired to start the business. If you have the cash flow management skills the rewards are great both financially and psychologically. Though it needs some capital and business would take a while to succeed it is a great way to advance financially without a college degree.

3. Insurance BrokerĀ 


Insurance brokers are agents who represent multiple insurance companies. You can also choose to deal in one area of insurance such as life, death, auto or health services. You might need to take some short term courses to prepare yourself for state licensure. To work as an insurance agent you need to have some basic qualities like confidence, honesty, good decision making, proper analytical and interpersonal skills . You may need to partake in proceeding with instruction programs which will permit you to be mindful of the current legal issues, insurance policy structures and new insurance technologies. As an insurance broker you can find employment in large or small brokerage firms, insurance or reinsurance companies , financial advice companies or insurance risk departments. To further aid in the career development one can chose to take up some professional qualification in the respective field and also make a progression into management.

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