5 successful Tips to survive Unemployment


 How To Survive Unemployment
3. Seek for help from charities:

If you are too proud to ask for help, remember that people working at charity organizations are being paid to help people like you in your moment of needs. There is no reason to be ashamed of your problems and misfortunes. Rather, go to them for food, clothing and even shelter if need be, just so that you can have the basic comforts in life.

Some of these charities also offer help to people to figure out their job application skills. This will be a great way for you to know what you can do best, and this will give you an idea about the type of jobs you can apply for eventually.

4. Take voluntary work:

A lot of Companies look at not only the degrees you posses, but also your work experience. If you spend a lot of time doing voluntary work, you can easily use that as a part of your resume to show that you are an able and skilled professional who understands the value of work ethics. Companies favour candidates who are aware of the value of work, and this is the attitude that you must project. While you work on your voluntary assignments, you can easily live with the help of charities on a temporary basis.

 How To Survive Unemployment

Also, after working voluntarily you can have your superiors write a glowing recommendation letter for you, where all your key skills and assets can be highlighted. This will serve as a great add-on to your resume which you can submit while applying for new paying jobs.

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