5 Reasons You Struggle With Finances and Are Broke


Financial Failure

 3. You do not have any set goals –

If you are just working each week, not thinking about the future, and simply continue to spend your money the way you are spending it, how can you expect to get and stay out of debt? There is no way for something or a situation to change, if you do not make a change, or modify one or more of the variables. So, write down certain goals you have, create an agenda, or give yourself a timeline, as to when you should reach a set goal, so that you can start to save, and start to recreate your current situation, and hopefully your future as well. If you are just living day by day,without setting any goals (financial or other), you are never going to get out of debt, or the financial troubles that you are in.

4. We are gullible –


Many people are not willing to shop around. Stores, vendors, and other merchants make money off us, because we accept what they say. If your car needs work, you will go to the first mechanic, and pay the price they tell you. Instead, make sure to ask why you are paying so much, what you are paying for, and ask to see the receipt and cost. In many instances just by asking to see the receipt, you can catch a vendor in a lie, and get them to cut the cost. But, many people are too proud, or simply too gullible, and get caught over paying, when in fact they could be paying far less for service, or other goods that they purchase on a regular basis.

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