4 Reasons Why Social Media Can Make Us Lonely


Social Media

3. Social Media Changes The Way We Talk To One Another

As mentioned above, the Internet allows us to easily customize our online presence, this is why most people have a much easier time opening up online, than they do in real-life. However, this takes its toll on the way we talk to one another, for we tend to sacrifice authentic conversations for the digital ones. We all know the classic “Seen at” feature offered by Facebook, a feature that ruined friendships, relationships and marriages over the years simply because it allows users to reply later than they would in real life. You cannot postpone a real, face-to-face conversation that takes place in real-time, and that often happens to be a lot more genuine and unfiltered, given the fact that it takes place spontaneously. However, once we realize the fundamental difference between how we interact online and how we interact offline, we tend to get a little lonely!

  1. Social Media Is Deceiving 

Lastly, social media is very deceiving, and this goes far beyond those Photoshopped profile pictures that everybody knows are far better than the reality. We live in the century of speed where everybody is busy: we all need to go somewhere or to do something, and we barely have enough time for ourselves. Social media perfectly fits the schedule of the busy 21st century individual!

These social networking platforms give us the false impression that there is somebody out there who actually cares, and that feeling becomes addictive for many of us – so addictive that millions of people worldwide give up their real, offline lives for their virtual, online ones. This is how the intimate, face-to-face connections slowly start to get lost, and the actual feelings are replaced by shallow, empty illusions. Whenever we get a “reality check” and we realize just how deceitful and harmful social media can be, we become depressed and we start feeling lonely. Luckily, more people are beginning to realize just how damaging these platforms can be, and they start to distance themselves from them, slowly but surely.

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