4 Reasons Why Social Media Can Make Us Lonely


Social Media

This is how narcissists only get a self-confidence boost, unaware that this is only a façade worth nothing in real-life.

You cannot measure your life or quantify your happiness based on the amount of likes your photos get, or the overall number of so-called Facebook friends, but unfortunately many fall into this trap.

A recent Australian study has actually found a very strong correlation between narcissism and Facebook use. Facebook users seem to have a higher level of leadership, exhibitionism and narcissism than those who do not use Facebook, and this is very worrisome, for it promotes a superficial behavior.

  1. Social Media Is Highly Addictive 

We become addicted to social media without even realizing it, and the next thing we know is that we are mentally conditioned by the constant use of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and all the others. Once again, everything comes down to that illusion of a real connection with somebody, an illusion that can be extremely dangerous for those who lack social contact. Young people are the most prone to becoming addicted to social media, and they wrongly equate the actual, real-life relationships with the fake relationships they think they have on social media.

It is known that the online environment virtually allows us to be whomever we want to be, thus making it easier for us to conceal our actual identity and to come up with a rather “tailored” digital presence, one that may appeal to more people online that it does in real-life. Having said that, it is perfectly understandable why some people prefer the online connections over the actual, human-to-human ones – even so, the authentic relationships as we all know them will never go old-fashioned and they will always surpass the virtual ones, even though the latter might validate us to a greater extent sometimes.

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