3 Mindsets That Will Help You Become Successful


Having the right mindset is one of the most overlooked concepts of achieving success in life. We attribute the people’s achievements to the education, hard work, their backgrounds and, of course, the finances. Our attitudes, however, are often not discussed. This is quite unfortunate because the right mindset can be the most powerful thing that will get you to where you want to go in life. Question is, how do you become psychologically ready for the success and what are the ways of acquiring the right mindset? Let us explore.

Growth Mindset

The big difference between the successful and non-successful people is that ones who achieve their goals embrace a growth mindset. Now you may be wondering what exactly is that and if it is another fancy word in the self-improvement world. No, this is something very important. To simplify it, a growth mindset is believing that your abilities and talents are not fixed and can be developed and improved. The term originates from the research done by the American psychologist Carol Dweck. She is currently a professor at Stanford University. In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – she discusses the importance of a right mindset for the success and how the people with it are much more likely to perform better at school and work.

We are not born with fixed knowledge and capabilities in this world. We start learning at the early stages of life and the process should never stop. Many people fall into the trap of society’s image of learning stages. They believe that once they graduate from school or the university, they are done with mental development. They also take learning and improvement as a chore that is forced on them. That’s why they are eager to get out of school. This is a big mistake. The growth mindset allows us to never stop developing our skills and abilities. It makes us avoid the trap of finishing to learn new things. The people with it always improve themselves and tend to be much more successful than ones without it simply because they are much better at a variety of things. This is why you should acquire the growth mindset as well.

Why Failure is Your Friend

Failing at something can be a difficult psychological state. No matter what it is, big or small, failure is stressful for our minds and to say it simply, makes us feel terrible. This is the primary reason why people avoid it like a plague. We do not want to fail, because it feels bad, we do not get what we want and we get labeled as losers who could not achieve their goals. Our society definitely dislikes a failure. However, this is a huge problem. Instead of hating it, we should embrace it. This is the mindset of the people who are successful in life.
Regardless of how bad it feels, failure is one of the best teachers. Without fail, we would not be able to improve, learn and eventually achieve more than we wanted. Take a look at successful people and companies. Do you think they set a specific goal at the beginning, worked really carefully and achieved it? We never see how many times they failed. We only read their success stories, but behind hides, a mountain of failures that taught them valuable lessons made them better at what they were doing and brought them to us as winners. This is why it is crucial to have a mindset that embraces failing instead of fearing it.

Courageous Mindset

We love our comfort zones and will do anything to avoid leaving them. Why? because being comfortable feels good and we do not want to lose the certainty in life. The problem is, however, that the development and achievements happen outside our comfort zones. Many of us have a mindset of a scared person and are afraid of going towards things we desire. We avoid trying new things, exploring new places, or learning something unusual, yet necessary. Some of us avoid going to college because they think they are too old. Some are afraid of going to the gym because they are scared of being judged. Some, as mentioned above, are so afraid of failing that they miss amazing chances in life. You should never have such a mindset and instead, try to have one that makes you courageous.

The Process of Change

It is extremely difficult to acquire mindsets above if your brain is fixed with the opposites of them. If you are stuck with a fixed mindset, afraid of failure and do not want to leave your comfort zone, it will take time to break these mental habits of wrong attitudes. It is, however, very much doable and you must start the process as soon as possible. First, you should think long and hard about yourself and understand mentally that you can improve yourself. You must also understand that failure is not the end of the world. Then you should make such thinking as a habit and start to actually grow yourself and in the process forgive yourself if you fail.

These three mindsets will help you to become successful and achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Don’t forget to be bold, improve your skills, believe in yourself and the success will come to you.


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