3 Easy Workouts For Flat Stomach


Workouts For Flat Stomach

Are you trying to reduce fat on your stomach? While nutrition plays an important role on burning fat, exercise is a big part as well. Below are 3 easy workouts to have a flat stomach.


1. Crunches

Workouts For Flat Stomach

Crunches are amazing workout if you are trying to get a well-shaped stomach.

  • Lie down on the floor.
  • Put your hands behind your head or cross ┬áthem front of your chest.
  • You can bend your legs if it is more comfortable for you.
  • Lift your shoulders towards the ceiling.
  • Slowly back down.

You can see this animation below to understand it better:

Workouts For Flat Stomach

2. Plank


Plank is awesome exercise to strengthen your core and flatten the stomach. It is very simple to do and surprisingly effective.

  • Get into a position shown on the image above.
  • The pressure must be on your stomach.
  • Stay like this for 30 sec.
  • Then rest and repeat 3 to 5 times.

Just like any other exercise, plank must not be overused. Remember that flat stomach is a combination of healthy nutrition and exercise. This is just the second part. If you overdo it, there is a chance that you injure your abdominal muscles. Take it easy, do it in moderation and the result will be fast.

Workouts For Flat Stomach

3. Bicycle crunches

Workouts For Flat Stomach

And the last super effective workout for flat stomach – Bicycle crunches.

  • Lie on the floor.
  • Your hands must be behind your head.
  • Your legs need to be in the air.
  • Touch your left knee to your right elbow.
  • Go back to the starting position.
  • Now touch your right knee to your left elbow.
  • Go back to the starting position.
  • Repeat.


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