19 Silly Products That Made Millions of Dollars

You know how the society tells us that we need to work hard to achieve descent life and make money?  Sure, but then there’s a guy who sat one day somewhere drinking coffee, had some ridiculous idea and later he became a millionaire. All it took for these people that you are going to read about is a simple, silly product to become rich. These products for some reason became so popular that millions were sold. Why exactly these things? Nobody knows. Did the inventors made money? Absolutely. Here are the products and ideas:

19. Pet Rock

We had to start this list with this ridiculous toy. Gary Dahl has become super rich and made millions of dollars in only six months selling nothing more than a pet rock. The toy was nothing special – a simple rock that came with a custom box. The toy came out in 1975 and was $4 each (It’s $19 today!). As you might have guessed ‘pet’ itself didn’t require any expense to produce, so his main cost was in boxes. The rest was pure profit. Dahl didn’t continue with absurd toy ideas and opened a bar in California. Yes, people make money with crazy stuff. If Pet Rock millionaire shocks you, wait until you see the #1 on the list.