10 Ways To Make Yourself Attractive For People


How To Be Attractive For People
• Be a good person and respect other people. Even if you don’t like someone, don’t talk about them behind their back. Don’t say anything to a person about another person that you would not say to that other person’s face. Gossip makes you look petty and people don’t trust petty people.

• Take care of yourself. If you need money, go out and find a job and work to save until you can afford what you need. Get yourself an apartment or your own place (don’t live in your parent’s basement until you are forty) and furnish it with stuff that you love. Independence is attractive and people will respect you when they see that you are fully independent.

• Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Go out and make your own opportunities, take classes in hobbies and other things that interest you, learn a new skill, and diversify your interests.

• Volunteer your time. Whether you work with the homeless or some local charity, volunteering your time shows other people that you are a giving person. They will also see that you care about worthwhile local causes and that you are not self-centered.

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