10 Ways To Make Yourself Attractive For People


How To Be Attractive For People
• Never talk about your ex(es). Whether you have one ex or several, it is never a comfortable topic to discuss what you did in the past and how your last relationship ended badly. No one expects to be first in your life, but they certainly don’t want to sit around and hear about your sorrows and how you wish it had worked out with that person in your past. Your past is the past, leave it there.

• Going out for a few drinks with friends? Don’t overdo it. Never drink so much that you have to apologize for what you have done the next day. It is hard to reverse the damage that being overly drunk can do and these days, pictures can end up online, so be careful.


• Be a good listener. Often people just want someone to sit and listen to what they have to say, they don’t want you to interrupt and give examples of things in your own life that are comparable. When you listen to people they start to trust you and when they trust you they really like you. Sometimes just being there for someone can be enough for them to start to develop feelings for you.

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