7 Signs People Dislike You


 Although you may think you are making a great first impression, or if you have met with someone on numerous occasions, and are trying to appeal to them, there are a number of things you can spot in their behavior, and the way they respond to you, which will let you know they do not like you. Although many signs are quite obvious, there are also less subtle signs that people give off, if they are not really a fan of you, or do not get along with you too well. These are some signs to look out for, which you will notice when people are uncomfortable around you, or simply do not like you for one reason or the other.

1. The way they look at you 

It might be that simple. If a person always gives you the “evil eye,” or stares are you with disgust, even if you have not done anything to upset them, this is a clear sign that they do not like you much. It might not have been anything you have personally done, in some cases you are just going to butt-heads with others, and this is one of the most obvious signs they do not like you too much.

2. Always blamed 

If you are always blamed for things going wrong, this is another sign that your co workers, or people at school do not like you. If you are not part of a project, or if you are only a small part of it, yet you are being blamed for the errors in a project, and are always blamed when something goes wrong, this is a clear indicator that you are not liked by those around you.